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Wiesinger - Love Like a Fire
Wiesinger - Love Like a Fire

Wiesinger – Love Like a Fire

Strap up ya’ll cuz Wiesinger just dropped his EP indie album, Love Like a Fire and its going to make you feel all your feelings. Music has always been a part of Justin’s (Wiesinger) life from being dragged to piano lessons as a kid and playing in youth bands to being a part of his high school Pop Punk outfit. For the longest time, Justin helped artists pursue their music full-time with his Media Business. However, the pandemic changed everything and compelled him to find his sound and make his own music.

Right off the bat, Fault Line employs heavenly synth melodies and endearing lyrics to make us melt into a pool. We also see arcs of metallic sheens and electronic beats that represents the chaos of the song’s theme. An electric guitar solo towards the end bleeds all over the song like a heart break.

Selfless sports whimsical beats and synth patterns that loop in and out of the husky vocal texture. The organic lyrics are embedded in an infectious rhythm that you find yourself grooving to. A classic feel-good song, its canvass is adorned by soft harmony tangents and violin licks, and several other musical tricks up its sleeve.

Shine a Light – Conch Remix shows off intricate guitar work and energetic music. We see many musical scenes unique melodies and rhythms galloping in and out through the course of the song. The artist skillfully mixes the track to showcase varied thematic dimensions and perspectives. It’s almost as if you are watching a musical. The title track opens with breezy country guitar acoustics. Baritone vocals perch on the melody with the delicate grace of a butterfly. Layers of piano and soulful violins waltz into the song and sheath it with celestial light.

Lobotomy – Live Acoustic delves into falling in love and going with the flow. Dainty vocal harmonies circle the song as the artist populates the song with a homegrown sound. Dummy ends the album with a sugary touch. A love song, the autobiographical composition serenades his beloved. Carrying an oozing warmth and coziness, the track reminds you of the smell of brownies and cuddles.

Available on Spotify and YouTube Music.

Listen to Love Like a Fire by Wiesinger here –

Wiesinger – Love Like a Fire

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