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Swats-Anxiety | Feel tremors around

Swats has built a rapport from the ground up in this business. With influential, solid tracks being lyrically sound and echoing his capabilities, Swats is back with his latest single. Anxiety explores the depth and trigger of the feeling, in a way only someone unique like this can look at a concept.

From a gentle opening pre-chorus of sorts, what is retained is but a buffer for the real attack. Just the like the surprise sneak attack of anxiety, Swats comes in like a freight train, fast and loaded. His bars are comprehensible, in-depth and do the desired damage for a verse. The beat almost fades away in comparison to his intensity, bringing it back to the chorus. The mix really allows for the diversity of tones in this track to be appreciated, including the Spanish verse. An exciting and original affair, using tools that are apparent to everyone. It’s how you use the knife, not how sharp it is.

From Death Battle…, there is a charisma from this artist that is undeniable. The 2020 single has an insane amount of streams, and for good reason. The component of contributing lyrically is taken like casting a weapon by this magician, he knows how and when to use it. Listen to his growing, popular playlist of work along with Anxiety here:

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