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Josh Long - Love In You
Josh Long - Love In You

Josh Long – Love In You | High At The Beach?

Love In You is Josh Long’s latest single, a sultry combination of 80’s RnB beats and synth with a twist. The track is a combination of influences from the 70s and 80s, as the artist himself admits. Simultaneously, his guitar skills, that have had over a decade to mature, build up a reggae vibe.

Self taught musician Josh Long was born in San Diego, and is based out of San Francisco. He has been in the arena of sonic stimulation for a long time – producing, composing, and writing his music for over ten years. His music has a signature mellow-electronic quality, a unique combination of contemporary pop structure and lyrics with retro instrumentations.

Heavily inspired by Classic Rock, Disco, Pop, Country, and Blues music, the song Love In You takes you to a relaxed beach party. While the 808 drum beat keeps your head bobbing, the electric and acoustic strings cook up melodic instrumentals. This one from Josh Long is a definite reminder of your happy place, and of how beautiful – almost high – the world is when you are in love.

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