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Rock Plaid and Survive Bullshxt are childhood friends Roddy and Bizz who have come together to create a musical duo named RPxSB. They have been making music, comedy sketches and have together set various other creative endeavors since high school. This duo draws inspirations through various life events and uses them for their music. They paint vivid pictures through their tracks making them one of the best describers. Their discography displays their vivid versatility through 9 albums, 3 singles and 2 EPs. Each of them is a masterpiece. The most interesting part of their discography is their CREATURE album series which is a series of connected albums.

They have recently released the third Act of their legendary ‘CREATURE’ series. The third Act is named JOPO which is one of the most innovative hip-hop album i have ever heard. They have portrayed ecstatic lyrical and musical skills through this album which is meant to become their break through point. The album is full of surprises.

The first track of the album is ‘Bad Lemons’ which is the intro of the album. The track has some nostalgic ring to it which is surely due to the groovy strings complimented by some ambient acapella which surely takes me back in time. This wasn’t a start that I was expecting, yet is one of the best start for an album.

The pair of the next two tracks called ‘Friday Night at Tootsies’ and ‘Big City Blues’ is a perfect pair of jazzy, groovy tracks. Both these tracks are bound to put you in a groove. These tracks will make you throw up your hand and make your feet move on their own. These tracks will surely make you feel like this whole album is just about the vibe, but don’t get mislead by RPxSB portraying their versatility. The next track as dark as this pair’s brightness.

The next track on the album is ‘Coast 2 Coast’ The track is full of dark element which makes it one of my favorite tracks of the album. The innovative flows intertwined with such intricate musicality will surely blow your mind. Surprisingly this is the only track on the album with a feature. This track features Chuuwee who is a pioneer at his craft.

The is this one more track on the album which I would love to elaborate about. The track is called ‘Sprinkler System’ which is a perfect club banger. This track will surely fill you up with energy. This is one of those tracks which can make you loose yourself in the music and slide you to a whole different dimension.

This is an album which you will surely enjoy listening. This will surely sound even better if you listen to the other two acts before listening to the third act of CREATURES. The album ‘CREATURE…Act III: JOPO’ is a masterpiece which will take you on a rollercoaster ride which will leave you nauseous by the end. Do give this masterpiece a listen.

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