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The Infinity Process-Dystopia
The Infinity Process-Dystopia
The Infinity Process-Dystopia

The Infinity Process-Dystopia | Onwards to collision

First impressions may last a lifetime, but they have a lifetime to grow. The Infinity Process might have just been a big dream for a trio that loved music, it has grown to something bigger and better through the years. Their latest single is called Dystopia, a hard rock track that can send shivers through your headphone cable. Brace yourself for infectious energy.

What Dystopia has in store for you is defined by their opening riff. It is stylish, clear-cutting and instantly iconic. The vocals are what take the spotlight next, unique melodies flowing over the heavy riff. Soaring seconds are heard for the verse and chorus, crystallizing to what will become the core of the first half. The second half is a whole other story. Another risqué hook brings itself around, marinating before the vocals enter. The contrast of the heavy instrumentation with the softer, gentle vocals are undersold, they make each track more unpredictable than the last. Like Amy Lee defined an entire era and sub-genre with her vocals, Kimberley now takes charge at the indie helm.

Since Progress of Elimination in 2015, the band has evolved and developed its sound, each pertaining to their skill set. The resultant is a melting pot of genres in sorts, progressing with each album and EP released. Their other single released this year, Losing Reality has the same kind of spice and attack that is required from attempts like this. The Infinity Process is an outfit that is gauging their sound to reach a sonic precipice like never before.

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