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Nick Campbell Destroys - Fancy Jeans | Upbeat
Nick Campbell Destroys - Fancy Jeans | Upbeat

Nick Campbell Destroys – Fancy Jeans | Upbeat

Nick Campbell Destroys is an L.A.-based singer, songwriter, and instrumentalist who is revamping the good old jazz to present it to the modern audience. His songs feel like a breath of fresh air because they have that unconventional element. Not only do they have a perfect balance of traditional and contemporary, but they also have some creative uniqueness. 

Nick Campbell Destroys is a musical venture that is full of energy, and the very recent release is just the proof you need. 

Fancy Jeans is a song that feels like coffee fresh out of a coffee machine, hot and flavourful. Perhaps, one could use more elaborate words. But this imagery is perfect for defining the crispiness of this track. It is a song that stirs the whole vibe around you in a drastic manner, only to make it better for you.

Fancy Jeans is a song as cool as the name suggests. Classic old jazz flairs add a lot of edge to the song giving it an enormous characteristic. The flavourful soundscapes hit you in just the right way and make you fall in love with everything you are listening to. 

Then there are vocals. They are fancy and eccentric, as cool as a 70’s Hollywood film. Nostalgia is a persistent emotion while listening to the track, thanks to retro musicality. You would want to play this song on a lazy afternoon because this is just the song you need to get you grooving.

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