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Mark Rosal- Limbo Land
Mark Rosal- Limbo Land
Mark Rosal- Limbo Land

Mark Rosal- Limbo Land | Absentia explored

Mark Rosal is a storyteller extraordinaire. His work has the hint of melody and balance of work on the verses that the greats like Cohen and Simon-Garfunkel had. I had the pleasure of reviewing another track of his earlier this year, The Invincible Summer. Popular by streams now, Limbo Land is his next track that should be on your weekend playlist.

Limbo Land is primarily acoustic. Realizing this, the track is poetry in motion. From the intro verse, the tale is of the mind being in a state of suspended thought. Progress is waning or frozen, and it feels like you’re gravityless, in space. Condensing this into his wondrous song, the bare synth and guitar work is definitive. It sets the tone for the slight sense of dread and angst that might be formed in the Devil’s workshop. The instrumental breaks aren’t glittery, they act as the perfect wedge between the lyrics and the bearing they have.

This Journey has been Mark Rosal at his best, according to his listeners. It is a truly wonderful track, has some interesting breaks and unexpected melodic twists. From the lyrics to phrasing, Mark makes sure what is constructed is a valuable tale or epiphany. There is originality and unbound joy in the way he makes his music, which is worth experiencing.

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