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Manoel | Dystopia | Electronic | Dystopian concept music
Manoel | Dystopia | Electronic | Dystopian concept music

Manoel – Dystopia | Dystopian Concept Music

Manoel is a part of a breed of artists that choose to become producers after a successful DJ career! A dystopian concept. You play other people’s music so much that you come to a point where you know exactly the kind of music you want to play. Clear Direction! Isn’t that a boon for artists? To know exactly what kind of music they want to create. Manoel started to DJ in the late 80’s and has seeped into multiple music projects since the 90s. Manoel has released ‘Dystopia’ after 10 years since his previous release.

Dystopia has a very subtle tape effect that makes the sounds aa little grainy, especially the percussions. Speaking of percussions, ‘Dystopia’ seems to be constructed around a percussion pattern. Then again this is just the observation of a listener. The track is very well constructed, with a stellar arrangement that tells us the story of Manoel’s dystopian concept world. With amazing synth patterns, eerie soundscapes and a punchy percussion line, this track is a wild journey that just seems to increase in intensity. Absolutely lovely how Manoel just seems to build tension and aniticipation throughout the track, foreboding something ahead. Isnt that the most dystopian concept? To await impending doom!

Amazing work bv Manoel, with very subtle imagery throughout the track. A wonderful experience that is meant for listeners who look at sound as a means of communication. Not just words, but every sound has its own meaning. At the end of the day, Words are just sounds. Sounds that we associate meaning to. What about the other sounds? Do they not make sense? Just because we haven’t associated meaning with them? Isn’t that what we call being boxed in? To open your mind up and comprehend what every sound could possibly mean, opens you up to a whole new world. One where artist like Manoel are the storytellers and shamans that take you on journeys through their dark and deep sonic-dystopian concepts!

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Words are just sounds.

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