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Cascade – Another Day |Energetic
Cascade – Another Day |Energetic

Cascade – Another Day |Energetic

Cascade is an ardent indie rock band from London, UK. They have been in the music scene for almost about 5 years and have gained quite popularity. They debuted with a single called “Listen Now” which got a crazy response. Cascade have shared a stage with some legendary bands like PLANETS, Himalayas, The Skinner Brothers, and Blackwaters. With the help of radios like the BBC Introducing and more and playing big music festivals like the Isle of Wight and Y-Not, Cascade have been able to grow immensely.

They are a four-piece band consisting of the lead man Sam Hallgalley as singer/songwriter and guitarist, Ryan John Griffiths as lead guitarist, Craig Wilson on the drums, and Chris Chawner on the bass. Cascade have released several singles and an EP and they are back with yet another masterpiece called “Another Day”. 

Talking about the song and its ingredients in detail. The song starts with a very dreamy and sort of eerie vibe, played on an electric and acoustic guitar with some choir kind of pads backing them. The bass guitar kicks with a lot of feel and all of a sudden the tempo doubles and thus enters a heavy and distorted riff on electric guitar with loud drums. The vocals kick in soon with a hard rock vibe from the 70s, Sam’s vocal style perfectly suits the song. The song is so energetic with its fast tempo and exciting drum and guitar parts, it gives an adrenaline rush to the listeners. An amazing solo on the guitar sets the stage on fire and right after it, the bridge kicks in that is short and a build-up for the end chorus of the song. The song ends with a comeback of the intro, giving it a soft and mellow finish. 

Cascade have done some phenomenal work with their new single. It feels so refreshing to listen to a purely original and well-made song, that has got everything a rock fan needs. 

It is highly recommended to listen to the song.

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