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Yelgo7 – Dark Knight | Musical feast

Yelgo7 is an artist who uniquely blends hip hop with various other genres such as EDM, alternative rock, & reggae.
He has released 14 singles thus far, out of which, none has any kind of monotonous repetition. Each of his track is vivid portrayal of his vast versatility. His tracks mostly have some or the other experiment that leaves the listener shook. The way Yelgo7 displays his deep musical skills through his tracks is remarkable.

I recently came across one of Yelgo7’s tracks, ‘Dark Knight’ which is a perfect example of his experimental success. This was his first release this year and yet one of the most powerful tracks on his discography. The track starts off with bouncy music that will surely make groove with it’s first beat. The track slowly proceeds into the bridge which is gentle riser that ends with a lyrical blast. This track displays one of the best vocal engineering. The adlibs sound profound and perfectly aligned. The musical structure of the track is pretty tight to hold on to the listeners. This is one of those tracks which will give you an essence of all the best worlds like EDM, reggae, rock and hip-hop. The electric guitar perfectly compliments the heaviness of the track. The lyrics are deep and open to perspectives. This is what makes it one of my favorite lyrical track.

Yelgo7 is an artist who will surprise you each and every time through his releases. His tracks are a perfect examples of how experiments with different genres can sound balanced. Listen to ‘Dark Knight’ by Yelgo7-

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