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The Kid and I - Free Falling
The Kid and I - Free Falling

The Kid and I – Free Falling | Swelling Frenzy

The Kid and I is a London-based alternative rock music project created by singer-songwriter, Jacob Powell. With influences scattered across diverse artists and genres, from Arcade Fire, to Foo Fighters and Tyler The Creator, the band is all about going where the music takes them. The Kid and I is back with its brand new single, Free Falling. Keeping up with their signature style and fluid charm the song is a total banger.

The song catalogues the slow swell of insanity and harrowing despair. An acute sense of resignation and hopelessness lines the haunting rhythm of the song. The silver licks of the guitar riffs add an element of cynicism and pessimism to the song.

Smooth drum beat cycles command the tempo of the song as the vocalist glazes it with baritone goodness. In the chorus, we see the vocals free fall towards the infectious stick click groove before being bounced back up by periodical guitar riffs. Hard rock riffs layer and dimensionalize the transitions.

As the song progresses towards its end, mercurial guitar riffs work up storms of mayhem, nourished and fed by tumulus drums and frenzied vocals. True to the song’s theme, the band accurately captures the essence of losing yourself as you spiral into the chaos of your own mind.

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Listen to Free Falling by The Kid and I here –

The Kid and I – Free Falling

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