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Canek – I Miss Me | Piano Ballad

French singer-songwriter Canek released an acoustic piano-centric single called “I Miss Me”. It features a dramatic vocal performance accompanied by mellow keys and a lot of nostalgia. Known for his eclectic compositions spanning a wide variety of genres, Canek’s compositions include electronic music, hip-hop, pop, and acoustic music. With a fan following from all over the world, the French-Mexican artist has garnered over 100k streams on Spotify and is best-known for his releases “SEXXXorship”, “Rumours, Rumours” and “You and Him”.

Canek’s latest single showcases classical-music cadences in a contemporary setting. His intricately written lyrics narrate a story of transformation and self-love. Canek seems to be talking about how he was able to break free from depression and negativity – “Nothing to comfort me anymore / Soul was taken / Completely forsaken / Now that I look back / I just can’t seem to”. He has a very unique vocal tone and delivers the lines almost effortlessly.

“I Miss Me” showcases a different side of Canek’s production style. The overall sound of the track is drenched in a generous amount of reverb and it’s done tastefully so no complaints there! In addition, the ambient fillers create an even more distinct soundscape that makes it worth the listen. Canek’s story of letting go and appreciating how you’ve grown is quite relatable, and acts as a lesson as well. His unconventional style makes him stand out from the music we hear on playlists these days, and I think that’s what will make him go all the way!

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