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Sandman - Nice Guys Finish Last
Sandman - Nice Guys Finish Last

Sandman – Nice Guys Finish Last

Winnipeg-based artist, Sandman recently put out his debut album Nice Guys Finish Last, closely following the two singles he released earlier this year. Having reached 126,954 all-time streams within a day of its release, the album consists of 9 songs that showcase fabulous musical articulations and mellifluent stories.

Mr. Nice Guy breaks out the album with mellow guitar melodies, dance-beat grooves, and baritone vocals. Harboring an effortless charm and a fluid rhythm pattern, the song has a way of looping its way into your brain. The artist’s unique vocal timber refines the song’s aesthetic and pulls it all together.

MADONNA kicks off with amusing silliness and bass guitar melody. The song’s rhythm has a quick progression as the informal vocals narrate the unfolding of a new romance. The crafty lyrics create images and scenes in the listener’s head as it tells an excellent story. We also see arches of dreamy vocal harmonies and electric guitar melodies that texturizes the song and gives it dimensions.

Summer Lover is breezy with sweet vocal flourishes and heart-warming lyrics. The artist has managed to accurately capture the essence of a dreamy summer romance in this euphonic song. Featuring YSN Fab Hate Me tells relatable stories of love and relationships gone sour. With catchy beat grooves, the song is lively with a brisk progression. The featuring artist’s rap further adds to the song’s rhythm and texture.

Keeping in line with its predecessors, Please! shows off a range of vocal textures and euphonic synth transitions. Powered by fun beats and ad-libs, the song has it all. Regrets kicks off with wry vocals and simple melody flows that are amplified in the chorus with hard-core drums and electric guitar riffs. Yet another textured masterpiece, the song trickles to a mellow flow.

The Way I Love is an autobiographical piece that delves into the attachment patterns of the artist. With endearing lyrics, the artist melodiously spells out his love language for us. Gemini sports vivacious tunes dripping with melancholy. We also see arcs of pop-rap and alto vocal harmonies that wonderfully layer the song.

Head Straight is a charming pop-rap track that expounds on Sandman’s journey to find himself and his sound. The song reveals the reality of a musician’s hustle and gives us a peak into the artist’s life. The personal anecdotes and epiphanies weaved into the track inspire us to take the path to ourselves and be unapologetic about it.

Available on Spotify, YouTube Music and Amazon Music.

Listen to Nice Guys Finish Last by Sandman here –

Sandman – Nice Guys Finish Last

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