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Monroe Moon – Glad To Exist
Monroe Moon – Glad To Exist

Monroe Moon – Glad To Exist | Meditative Journey

Transatlantic Indie pop duo Monroe Moon come with a release that stays in your mind with their latest single release Glad To Exist. Founded more than a decade ago in Grand Rapids, Michigan, UK musician and guitarist Theo Malkin and Michigan native vocalist Bunny Monroe, joined together in life. And also in music! Signed to Underflow Records, the group has had a string of stunning release including War, Wishing Well, and Greener. The sound of Monroe Moon is based on synth and new age rock dream pop based in 80s.

Glad To Exist begins with a simple but engaging drum beat a monosyllabic vocal line with hums of shalala added it. The pleasant chord progression makes the sound pleasant and sets the tone for an introspective rock song. With a light vocal verse in this background, the production and arrangement create a captivating sonic canvass and unique aural signature. The single covert art consists of a conch with the measurements and outline in the golden ratio. The colour hues of the covert art light pink and blue with greyish-black and white aptly represent the aura the track creates.

Midway through the song, we hear a guitar solo followed by a call and response guitar lead to the vocal lines. The great songwriting and lyrical work such as “I exist for you and you for me, catches your attention”. The song manages to create vivid sentiments and a pleasant vibe with an arrangement rooted in innovative rock. With Glad To Exist, Monroe Moon has visuals inducing a retro rock journey which you would keep spinning.

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