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Unfollow Me. – New Bag
Unfollow Me. – New Bag

Unfollow Me. – New Bag | Go Play Outside!

New Bag is the debut album from Atlanta-based musical duo Unfollow Me. The EP comprises four songs, produced by producer PRPL NRG and composed by Corinne Stevie. The two artists have had successful careers outside of the inception of Unfollow Me., and now have come together for a unique sound that combines their styles.

The album New Bag has a synth-backed sonic setup, where the electronic production offers new energy to familiar and comforting hip-hop beats. A fresh wave of modern times washes over hip-hop, then – once again commenting on the shortcomings of contemporary life. 

About Unfollow Me.

The artists’ choice of name for this brand is a naked comment on society’s individual obsession with social media, the parasocial relationships it births, and the serotonin-fueled validation of how many followers one has.

New Bag, the EP

The album has a tracklist of four songs, with a total runtime of 8 minutes and 44 seconds. If that seems short, do pay attention to why. The last track is titled ‘Go Play Outside,’ and the album runtime is a reminder to not be obsessed to the point of oversaturation, even with your favorite music.

The album opens with the track ‘Who?’, followed by the album’s namesake, ‘New Bag.’ Both tracks are energetic and upbeat, with the beats and lyrical delivery wrapping around each other beautifully. For the best bass experience, use headphones – you’ve been informed!

‘Nothing to Worry About’ is the third track on the EP, and this one is a duet that reminds you to continue to fight the good fight. The theme of individual judgment persists throughout the tracklist, reminding listeners to not simply ride the wave but to rage against it. 

The last track is ‘Go Play Outside’ and the under-a-minute song is titled to give you the most important message from the artists. But what else do they have to say about it? Let’s hear it from them!

In Conversation with Unfollow Me.

Your name reflects society’s obsession with virtual popularity and intrapersonal relationships. How does your music stand for the same?

Corinne: “Our music is about what’s going on in our lives and the world. Things are always changing in the world, and technology is advancing so fast. Amid everything, we try to remain level-headed and not give up, while staying true to ourselves and doing our own thing. Don’t follow me, do you!”

The two of you have collaborated previously, so what was the connecting point for you to decide to start this multimedia powerhouse that is Unfollow Me.?

Corinne: “In 2019, our previous band was going on an undetermined hiatus, and I thought we can’t stop now. We were just starting to find our new flow and technique of creating. PRPL NRG and I would push each other to keep creating music outside of the band projects. Also, aside from writing lyrics, I am a visual artist, and PRPL is the producer and into photo/film. We both like to experiment with different mediums, whether it’s fashion or technology.”

When a new listener discovers you, say from this blog post, what would you hope to make an impression for? What do you hope they take away from your music?

Corinne: “I hope people will be willing to dive into the music more and connect with the lyrics, and the vibes.”

PRPL NRG: “I hope that the tunes get stuck in their head.”

The Collaborative Process

Tell us a little about your collaborative process. How did you birth this new LP?

Corinne: “It started with us being in the studio together. PRPL NRG was cooking up some beats. I’m usually on the couch with my pen and pad, ready to catch a vibe. I was also inspired by the idea of making shorter songs. Cutting out the fluff.”

PRPL NRG: “We normally create music that is in the moment. The music for this EP was birthed originally in Miami, but we worked on the project remotely to iron it out and put all the audio and vvisual components together.  Also, shout out to Jaime Quintana for making the video for ‘Go Play Outside’, Mare Animations for the visual album from Corinne’s artwork, and Jake Fletcher and Monica Rosell for our Abandoned Zoo Photoshoot to accompany the record.”

Artists inspire artists; so who is a contemporary musician that inspires or moves you? 

Corinne: “I love H.E.R, Beyonce, and Kendrick Lamar. I’m also heavily inspired by visual artists/designers like Virgil Abloh and Daniel Arsham.”

PRPL NRG: “I am really into Run the Jewels, Missy Elliot, Tyler the Creator, Gorillaz, and Kaytranada, to name a few. Corinne and I love sharing the music we are listening to with each other.”

That makes sense; for your collaborative process to be aligned, it is helpful to have references for the other person’s sonic collaboration.

That’s a wrap, so check out New Bag from Unfollow Me, here:

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