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Mark Wink- In A Dream | In A Class By Itself

Mark Wink’s music is intense, emotional, and always at the moment. Songs by Mark Wink are full of bright, vibrant electronic elements that create an exciting, energetic soundscape. His catchy beats and infectious melodies will get everyone on the dance floor in no time. So if you’re looking for a way to get your party started or just want to enjoy some great music, be sure to check out Mark Wink. Turn up the volume and let Mark Wink’s music take you on a journey of pure sonic pleasure.

I have always been a fan of Mark’s work, and this song has taken me by surprise again. His beats are always on point, and you’ll be wanting to listen all day, every day. Mark spring to life on the latest release, “In a Dream,” which is nothing short of amazing. As the title suggests, you will be taken to a dreamy world filled with amazing musical adventures. The upbeat synths, drumbeats, and deep vocals that just come here and there make a perfect bop. The drumbeats add an extra kick to the whole listening experience, and the robotic voice in between makes it even more enjoyable. The production quality is excellent as well. I love the way it starts off with mellow synths and then gives way for the drum beats to come in. It’s just so good! It’s as if the robots have created the song themselves! You feel like the robots were possessed by the creative spirit of the music and created something new and exciting. It’s a truly unique and creative piece of music that you won’t be able to stop listening to. So go ahead and give it a listen. I guarantee you’ll be hooked from the first note.

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