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Wylam Dene – Let Go
Wylam Dene – Let Go

Wylam Dene – Let Go | Joy n Overcoming

Leeds, UK based indie folk singer-songwriter Lee Matthewman aka Wylam Dene has a new earnest acoustic ballad titled Let Go. Wylam Dene has had a string of great releases last year with his singles Abyss and Watch Me Crawl. Let Go has piano and sustained chords which are expressed through airy synths. Pristine acoustic guitars and Wylam’s heartfelt vocals then enter.

In the song, we ponder on the importance of retrospection and halting as we ruminate. The production on the song is dense while the core arrangement has a minimalistic feel. Synthwork which is in harmony with the raw acoustic aura of the song is neat. The raw and organic feel of the music is much like being confronted by the healing touch of being in nature.

Our journeys are filled with instances where we must determine the correct course of action. These decisions mold who we are and how we respond to the outside world. Despite the challenging circumstances we encounter, which often cause us to crumble, we maintain our composure and refuse to be rattled by them. The song is gentle and primordial. Soaking up the anxiety of dilemmas that affect our persona.

We get a post-grunge feel much reminiscent of artists like Goo Goo Dolls, Vertical Horizon, and Eddie Vedder. The vocal delivery of Wylam Dene is the highlight and soul of the song along with its tight songwriting. Regardless of the situation, your mind will be liberated and will maintain a serene atmosphere in its aftermath. Let Go is a indie folkb ballad that gives us a call for hope.

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