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DawgGoneDavis - Love’s Boss | Thrilling Retro
DawgGoneDavis - Love’s Boss | Thrilling Retro

DawgGoneDavis – Love’s Boss | Thrilling Retro

DawgGoneDavis is a music endeavour that focuses on creating music that speaks to its listeners in a charming way. Their songs are not only out of the box but also come with deep sentiments, that may be hard to find the first time you listen to them, but are surely something fresh and unique. 

DawgGoneDavis recently released a song called Love’s Boss which is a thrilling number full of jovial beats and charming tunes. It begins with an eccentric tune and enchanting lyrics that drive the listeners’ attention in the first go. And then the song develops into a finer affair that would make you fall in love with its unique and upbeat vibe. 

The song is anything but ordinary. The charming and out-of-the-box way of singing lures the listener into the mad world that this song offers. It is important to notice that the song feels this way because it has been intended by the artists. They bring about a sense of madness with their vocals and tunes because this song is supposed to remind you of the fun times and would make you appreciate life a little more with its enchanting and thrilling vibes.

The song has an intense retro influence but also feels super fresh and contemporary. It maintains a retro vibe throughout the track and that particularly adds to the wholesome effect that the song brings about. 

It is a must-listen for those who are looking for jovial music that’s fresh and unheard of at the same time.

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