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Zachary Zwelling - She's Dancing
Zachary Zwelling - She's Dancing

Zachary Zwelling – She’s Dancing | Fireflies n Love 

Coming with his trusty Les Paul, Zachary Zwelling gets us his latest foot tapping single She’s Dancing. The 15-year old fiery guitarist and singer-songwriter is sure to stun you with the sheer amount of talent may it be with his vocals, songwriting, or guitar performance.

A native of LA, Zachary is no stranger to musical success. Zachary has played the role of Zack Mooneyham in Broadway musical adaptation of School of Rock. As a singer-songwriter and vocalist, Zach brings the same energy and musical brilliance in this avatar. After his laid-back debut Things I Do and his last contemplative release Run Through the Fields, She’d Dancing is a more upbeat emotional rock and pop number.

The song begins with a nostalgic sounding acoustic guitar intro as Zack’s hearty vocal seep in. The chorus of the song really lifts you up. The chordal backing behind the guitars and tight drums give the son its emotional feel. You really feel the romantic emotions as Zach sings of “her dancing with my whole band around her, as the circle forms around her”.

Zachary Zwelling is able to convey some warm and fuzzy emotions with hsi vocals. With his guitar virtuoso background, Zach has ensured that the arrangement and production of the song is well balanced and most importantly serves the song and its musical narrative. Catchy core melodies, rhythms, and hooks are coupled with songwriting which has an earnest emotional core, visible in the song’s final expression. Zachary Zwelling has managed to create a romantic ode to that every lover would revel to sing to their beloved with She’s Dancing.

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