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Collaborations – Running Out Of Tomorrows| Retro vibe
Collaborations – Running Out Of Tomorrows| Retro vibe

Collaborations – Running Out Of Tomorrows| Retro vibe 

Collaborations is an exceptional project that brings some incredible indie musicians to create some amazing songs. Collaboration creates multi-genres and diverse music, from modern pop to retro tracks. Primarily the artists involved in the project are singers/songwriters, and they are given full liberty to create and write, resulting in songs that sound incredible and original. 

Collaborations released an album in 2021 called “Collaborations” which had several instrumental tracks as well and they are back with yet another retro masterpiece with hints of pop music, called “Running Out Of Tomorrows” 

Talking about the song and ingredients in detail. The song starts with an acapella-sounding track and deep layers of vocals, both blends together so beautifully. Soon the beat kicks in with a huge 70-80s vibe, the classic synth sound, the drum beat, energetic guitar, and bass part, everything sounds so perfect and vintage. The vocals kick in with full power and the melody is following the chord pattern, making the song sound richer and catchier. The trumpets kick and lift the song, right in the pre-chorus, and with harmonizing vocals and an upbeat track, the chorus stick in the listener’s head. The bridge has a completely different vibe with cellos and a low feel, it suits the drop that comes in so loud and is filled with vocals riffs to give the song a perfect end. 

Collaborations have made an amazing song that has a lot going on. They made a masterpiece with lots of retro feels, it is a must-listen to the song. 

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