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Everything but the Everything-Intimacy
Everything but the Everything-Intimacy
Everything but the Everything-Intimacy

Everything but the Everything-Intimacy (ft. Luke Sweeney) | Retro flood

Everything but the Everything is like a gift card. It can mean whatever you want it to mean, and it has evolved through the years. From being a one-man band to a polymath’s pet-project, there is little that this concept can achieve without hindrance. This is their 2020 single, Intimacy.

I remember recently reviewing their A & B sides album. It was a fresh outlook from what indie bands usually produce, a retrofit into a new phase of sound and execution. Intimacy is the incipience of that discernable signature, with the ease and finesse of only a talented songwriter combining forces with another. From production quality, managing at what layer the synth floods your brain and the strumming, everything is simpatico for the duration of the song. The lyrics are also delivered in the signature psychedelic style, popularized by stoner bands, but wiped off for a more polished sound here.

The breakdown is stylistic and channels in a new type of energy. Cascading with sound and tapering off to the minimal bass sound, this song has found its peak before it plateaus into the mundane. Everything but the Everything are specialists in this, the song ends at the sweet spot every time. Be sure to indulge in their underrated tracks like Jump and The Story as well.

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