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ICEBERG – Can’t Forgive Me

ICEBERG is an upstate New York-based artist who just relocated from London, she is a Pennsylvania-born artist/producer. Her tracks are rich in ambient sounds resonating indie rock soul music. Her tracks portray her deep, heartfelt lyrics that touch the soul and vocals that will surely give you goosebumps.

I recently came across one of ICEBERG’s tracks which is named ‘Can’t Forgive Me’ which is a lyrical and musical coup. This is her latest release and will surely send you back in time. The melodic symphonies are beautifully executed to make this track a perfect masterpiece. Each musical element is carefully curated to deliver the maximum impact. The vocals are crystal clear and perfectly compliment the powerful music that caresses the heart. Her tracks always make her elite musicality evident and this track is a perfect example of the same. This track is pure magic for deep music listener’s.

“ICEBERG will take you high and low like a roller-coaster ride which will become a journey of a lifetime”

‘Can’t Forgive Me’ is a track that should be listened by each and everyone who enjoys superior musicality and deep lyricism. Listen to ‘Can’t Forgive Me’-

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