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We Are To Blame – Breathe | Fire Galloping

Breathe is the latest single by power and symphonic metal band We Are To Blame from Sweden. The band consists of Alice Hartvig on vocals, Urban Granbacke on guitars, and Johan Karlsson on guitars/vocals. At six minutes, the song packs a powerful punch. Hailing from Norrbotten in northernmost Sweden, the Nordic and Swedish innovative metal culture is alive and thriving with bands like We Are To Blame at the helm.

Alice Hartvig had joined the band after Johan was looking for a pop vocalist for his metal project. And as we all know, pop vocalists make the best metal vocalists and some truly innovative songs in the crossover of genres. They are currently working on their debut EP.

The song begins with some meaty chunky and catchy djent riffs with synth lines backing them up. Vocalist Alice’s stunning and fiery vocals remind us of legends like Cristina Scabbia and Amy Lee. Chugging rhythm guitars with drums and bass form the rhythmic core of the song, delivering an infectious groove. We get a hummable and anthemic chorus with piano sprayed over the metal guitar goodness.

We Are To Blame blends power, death, and progressive metal to give us a wholesome modern metal song. Their optimum application of symphonic and electronic production firm in the roots of power metal, gives the song a feel of both the past and present of metal. There is a flaming solo that reinforces the tight rhythm and synth harmonic section. We Are To Blame delivers an energetic metal anthem with Breathe, a modern feel and eternal musicality to keep spinning.

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