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The Nightshift Cashier – Burger, Midnight | Groovy
The Nightshift Cashier – Burger, Midnight | Groovy

The Nightshift Cashier – Burger, Midnight | Groovy 

The Nightshift Cashier is an amazing solo project of the singer/songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, musician, and producer “Brian Wilkins”. The Melbourne-based artist has a very unique approach to music, his songs can be put into the exotic yacht rock genre. Getting inspired by some of the greatest artists like Toto, Steely Dan, Michael McDonald, and many more. 

The Nightshift Cashier debuted with his Ep called “The Nightshift Cashier” on Bandcamp, and he is back with yet another groovy song called “Burger, Midnight. Talking about the song and its ingredients in detail. It has a very abrupt start with all the instruments coming together. The drum beat is groovy, and the pads chilling with the Maj7 chord and the soft and sweet acoustic guitar rhythm all give a major relaxing vibe. 

Soon the vocals kick in with a big fat bass line and lift up the song. The voice of Brian is quite unique and has a gruff that really fits with the song. The chorus uplifts the song with a catchy vibe and layered vocals of Brian. The song takes a turn when the guitar solo kicks in with a scale change and a lot of fantastic guitar work both on bass and electric guitar. The catchy chorus kicks in again with harmonized vocals to give the song a perfect ending. 

“Burger, Midnight” is a perfect song to be chilling on the beachside in the nighttime. The Nightshift Cashier has made a brilliant song, that is so catchy and groovy. It’s a must to go and listen to the song once. 

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