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Tales from the Treehouse - So Little Time | Intense, Mellow
Tales from the Treehouse - So Little Time | Intense, Mellow

Tales from the Treehouse – So Little Time | Intense, Mellow

Tales from the Treehouse is a musical project of UK-based multi-instrumentalist Andrew Skipper. He has mastered the art of creating impressionable soundtracks for film trailers, etc. And now he is venturing into independent music so that he can be more expressive as an artist. 

Tales from the Treehouse recently released a song called So Little Time which is a fine blend of mellow, intense, and enriching layers of musicality that would give a perfect sense of ease to anyone who listens to it. It is a song that puts you at peace as soon as you play it. The mesmerizing vocals are not only sung beautifully but also have an altogether enchanting effect on your senses. You would want to listen to this track, again and again, in order to experience the treasures that it has to offer at its best potential. 

The song begins in a beautiful and smooth manner and continues to establish its peaceful aura as it progresses into the stunning chorus. You would be surprised to see how well everything fits together. Every musical element is well thought out and every note and every moment is intentional. And therefore the impact is beautiful too. The intensity in the vocals, the tunes, and the stunning soundscapes feels otherworldly and too enriching to be expressed. You would love this track if you are someone who loves slow-paced and intense tunes that take you somewhere else as you step into the world that they offer. 

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