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Dorian - Proud
Dorian - Proud

Dorian – Proud | A Purple Fairytale

New Jersey-born and raised artist, Dorian is unafraid to experiment with his sound to produce genre-bending music. Proud by Dorian is the final song of his latest album, The Arrival: Dream World Pt. 2. Beautiful melody arcs umbrella over the storytelling lyrics and catchy beat grooves.

The song spells out the transformational and enlivening experience of being in a healthy and functional relationship. In the epoch of half-relationships and where commitment issues are in vogue, the song is refreshing and reminds us of the happiness that comes from being mirthful in love.

The husky baritone vocals of the artist is full of memories and tenderness, as it journeys along. Groovy synth melodies breeze across the musical canvass to engender technicolor love blossoms. The layered melodies and percussion are combined wonderfully to create varying rhythm flows.

Starry synths draw neon purple fairies that gracefully dissolve into the artist’s love-filled vocals. The artist also uses the piano keys to elegantly punctuate the synths in some parts of the song. Beaming with pride and resonant with joy, the artist writes a letter of hope for the future.

The song brings out the art of loving someone. Viewing it as a creation, the artist throws light on the joy of birthing love, nurturing it, and growing with it. The song is replete with numerous musical perspectives and is sure to leave you aching for love.

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Dorian – Proud

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