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Adam Ragsdale – Moon, Part One | Sheer Magic

Adam Ragsdale is a singer-songwriter from Oklahoma City who is drawing attention for his unique ability to fuse the aesthetic of hopeless romanticism with melancholy, piano-driven music. Ragsdale cites The 1975, Coldplay, Hans Zimmer, LANY, and Justin Hurwitz as some of his musical influences, and his music has been described as a combination of alternative-pop, synth-pop, and instrumental. What sets Ragsdale apart is his commitment to using music to illustrate the essence of real love. In a world that often seems jaded and cynical, Adam’s music is a refreshing reminder of the power and beauty of love.

Whether you’re a fan of Adam’s music or not, there’s no denying that he is a talented artist with a unique vision. We can all learn something from his commitment to using his art to explore and celebrate the meaning of love.

Adam has now released a new album, “Moon, Part One.” The intro song “10” is absolutely magical. It starts with peaceful harmonies and sets the mood for the whole album. It’s the perfect song to get lost in, and it leaves you wanting more.

I can’t praise “Flora’s Letter” enough. Just the guitar riffs paired with Adam’s voice are enough to make me forget about all my worries in life. What’s more, the album’s soothing ambiance is the perfect backdrop for a relaxing evening at home.

“Dreamworks” by Adam is a wonderfully upbeat song that will surely put a smile on your face. The synths and Adam’s voice combine to create a feel-good track that is perfect for any situation.

“Hollywood Lovers” is a gorgeous song that perfectly captures the feeling of finally seeing the sun after a long period of darkness. The lyrics are so beautiful and poetic that they really take the listener on a journey. The song has a fantastic hook, “Just Hollywood, just Hollywood love,” that makes it impossible not to sing along.

“A Trip to Paris” takes you on the most magical and romantic experiences. The song is so beautiful and emotional. It feels like you are watching the Titanic movie. I am transported to another place and time every time I hear it.

“To the painter from the poet” is a stunningly beautiful song with hypnotic harmonies that can lull you into a peaceful sleep. Adam’s voice is so full of emotion and perfectly complements the song’s tranquil atmosphere. It’s easy to forget all the chaos of the world and drift away into peaceful bliss while listening to this song.

“Is this planetarium real or am I dreaming?” is another spectacular piece. This song is truly magical. It includes various instruments and tempo changes that make you feel like you’re dancing with your partner. The piano, in particular, is stunning, and it feels like there’s no one around but you both staring at each other’s life and dreaming of a forever companionship. This song is 7+ minutes long and truly takes you on an ethereal journey.

As soon as I heard “Mine,” I was immediately struck by the emotion in his voice. The palpable sense of frustration and sadness and the music arrangement perfectly compliment the mood. But even amidst all of that, Adam’s touch of magic still makes the song so special.

“Murphy’s Law” is absolutely mesmerizing. The combination of serene guitars and synths with Adam’s calming voice creates a truly unique and peaceful atmosphere. Although the lyrics have a sad undertone, the overall mood of the song is one of enlightenment and tranquillity. By the end of this instrumental piece, you will feel l liberated and at peace with yourself.

When I first saw the title “Rage Rage,” I thought it would be a song of frustration, but it took me by surprise, in a good way, of course. When you listen to this beautiful instrumental piece you go on a journey of freeing yourself from all the chaos and negativity towards the path of empowerment. The musical arrangement is absolutely out of this world that builds up as the song progresses. A masterpiece!

“Blind eyes could blaze meteors” is a haunting, beautiful ballad that builds in intensity as it goes along. This is one of my favorites on the album. The song starts off slow and ethereal but builds to a powerful climax with Adam’s stunning vocal performance. The overall effect is one of haunting beauty, and it’s a song that I always return to when I need to feel lost in the music.

If you’re looking for an album that will make you smile, relax, and fall in love with music all over again, look no further than Adam’s latest album, “Moon, Part One.” His sheer dedication to his craft is evident in every note, and his passion for music shines through in every beat. I truly believe he is destined for great things in his musical journey.

Enjoy listening to Moon, Part One here.

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