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Los Sindes - Playa C
Los Sindes - Playa C

Los Sindes – Playa C | Upbeat Fete

Los Sindes, the Spanish rock group have come with their latest release Playa C. Los Sindes are based in the Bay Area, while members have their origins from Peru, El Salvador, Nicaragua, and Puerto Rico. The group is a trio consisting of lead singer and guitarist Zito, drummer-vocalist Manu, and bassist-singer Rodri.

The song begins with a pulsating bassline. Soon clean and chiming guitar chords adorn this bass skeletal framework with a vocal chorus chiming in. Hi-hats and the simple kick snare beat are apt, as the song creates an upbeat mood. A glorious chorus is what we get at the end of this celebratory Latin anthem by Los Sindes. A melody full of energy and music that leaves us feeling strongly. The tune has a catchy groove, and the bass, percussion, and lovely guitar transport us to a happy mood. Inspiring and halted vocals are beautifully shaped by the background voice, creating a flawless production that is worthy of our attention.

The tone and melody are able to convey a sense of connection and a sense of community with such ease. Additionally, there are delightful bundles of warmth and nostalgia that are interspersed throughout. You find yourself tapping your foot, moving to the music, and belting out the chorus as a whole. Playa C in under three minutes manages to create a jubilant number. For those who love terrific music and rock, there are no boundaries such as language. And Playa C is the cheery upbeat number which crosses any such barriers.

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