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Social Order- How To Lie
Social Order- How To Lie

Social Order – How To Lie | Magical Ride

Social Order emerged from the covid lockdowns, becoming a way to escape isolation for the bandmates, the band took on the high roads of post-punk. Their tracks are a vivid display of progressive rock music perfectly mixed with punk music. Each track feels like an anthem out of a bleeding heart. Each of their tracks is marvelously structured to deliver the maximum impact. The way Social Order executes their songs into such masterpieces blows my mind away every single time. Their discography is an array of emotions beautifully projected in tracks.

I recently came across the Social Order’s latest release which is an EP called ‘How To Lie’ which is one of the best EPs I’ve heard in a while. The EP contains six tracks out of which all the track play their own part in creating the hypnotic vibe of the EP. The EP goes up and down in perfect waves carrying the listeners with the tracks. I was amused to find such profound musical elements which have been placed with beauty to complement the EP.

The EP starts off with the title track of the EP which is named after the EP’s name. The first track will surely get you warmed up for what’s about to come. The intense melodies and syncopated drums won my heart. The track is bouncy and gently lays the listeners into the arms of the next track which is ‘Never Again’. This track is one of my favorite tracks on the EP. The track starts off with gentle music followed by breathtaking drums. The vocals elegantly complement such complex music making this track a masterpiece.

The next track on the EP is ‘Dreams’ which is one of the most powerful tracks on the EP. The chorus is catchy and sticks on to the listener’s head for days. This is the track that can easily make up the first position on anyone’s morning playlist. The way Social Order has portrayed their deep musicality is remarkably astounding.

The fourth track on the EP is Humans which is the deepest track of the EP. This track is the track where the graph of energy goes down and the graph of intense lyricism and musicality comes up. The way this track ends and is followed by the next track named ‘In Your Eyes’ is simply bizarre. Each beat on the track is placed with utmost care to make it one of the most impactful tracks. The innovative use of vocals makes me wanna dance to Social Order’s rhythm.

The last track on the EP is again ‘How To Lie’ but with a whole different twist. This track is called Raven Version which is the perfect dessert to end this full-course meal.

Each track has its own spot on the EP weaving an unbeatable vibe. The way Social Order has executed the EP has blown my mind away. This track is a must-listen for anyone who loves music and craves energy. This EP will truly flush out all your emotional toxins.

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