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Royce DeZorzi - Denver
Royce DeZorzi - Denver

Royce DeZorzi – Denver | The Acoustics of a City

Denver by Royce DeZorzi is the artist’s debut album released as an ode to his home, Denver, as he leaves it behind to pursue his music and passion. As the place that helped him shape his sound and musical style, Denver holds a special place in his heart. With nostalgia drenched melodies, the artist creates an umbrella of warm memories and emotions. By communicating emotions without context, the artist shields and reveals himself at the same time.

One for John begins the album with breezy country guitar acoustics that moves unmovingly. Soothing and calming beyond measure, the song carries the peace of the mountains and softness of damp moss. Vision of Chloe resonates with an oozing warmth. The acoustic guitar melody flows singularly, with clarity and simple articulation. It makes you wonder about the person and the story behind the instrumental.

Next, we journey with Iron Shackle, another piece of the acoustic puzzle. The guitar instrumental makes you think of the pockets of sunshine caught between leaves as you lie on a bed of warm, toasty grass. Maybe Tomorrow Will Change Your Mind is consoling, reassuring and hopeful for what is to come. The track conveys a fresh moment of brisk sharpness after a whole night of muddled thoughts and obscure fears.

My Eyes Won’t Stop Crying carries the softness of bittersweet moments. The lilting instrumental nuzzles into you and sprouts into pockets of warm sadness. Angel is the sixth track of the album. The artist generously spaces out three chord melodies like polaroid photos on a string. He slowly transitions to a continuous folk melody that flows like an informal conversation between old friends.

Denver sports a molten guitar melody with varying levels of whimsy as it spans across the culture and stories of the city. With shuffling string work, the track seems to convey the objective vibe of the city. She’s Walking Away carries the gentle melancholy that accompanies the end of an era. Its melodies compel a quiet reflection like the one a still lake might evoke. A sleepy tune that lulls your reality and transports you back in time.

Have you ever talked yourself into making the practical choice? A quiet resignation settles over you and you realize that a new beginning is looming in the horizon. I’ve Got To Let Her Go depicts the dynamic waves of time as it causes inevitable changes to wash up on your shores. Ayelen has a quality of slow acceptance and birth of small excitement for the future. Country Girl is hopeful about the future and dreams about what is coming next. With a mature optimism, the artist looks forward to his life in Nashville.

Buttercup hosts stringy melodies and an engaging rhythm. Always With You is the penultimate track of the album. Its slow acoustic melodies remind us of purple skies of twilight and provokes the reflection of our values and roots; a realization that you leave a piece of yourself at home and carry a piece of it with you wherever you go. Reseda culminates the magnificent album with slow, molten melodies that linger in the space between the known and the unknown; A final glimpse of your street before you turn the corner.

Available on Spotify, YouTube Music and Apple Music.

Listen to Denver by Royce DeZorzi here –

Royce DeZorzi – Denver

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