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Luego – FOUR MINUTE MILE | Hypnotic Hurricane

Luego is known for his charismatic blends of various genres ranging from pop, folk, and hip-hop to rock. With his rich discography of 7 singles, 6 EPs, and 4 albums that feels like a rollercoaster journey full of ups and downs. Each song plays its part in making him such a legend. His tracks portray vivid ranges of expertise. His intense melodies that make your foot move are remarkably innovative. This is one of those artists who always has something new to bring to the table.

“Luego is one of those artists who will make you jump off your seat and calm your mind at the same time.”

Luego recently released his new EP which is called ‘FOUR MINUTE MILE’ from which, its title track caught my special attention. The track is named after the EP’s name. This is a track that you would surely add to your morning playlist. The track is lyrically and musically sound. Each beat is placed with utmost care to deliver the maximum impact. This is one of the most powerful tracks that I have listened to in a while. The way Luego carries the track is exceptional. The track had me skip several heartbeats throughout the track. The drum rolls are deeply impactful and perfectly set the whole vibe of the track. Each element is carefully curated to make this track a masterpiece of its era.

This is one of those tracks that everyone should listen to. Listen to ‘Four Minute Mile’ by Luego-

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