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Liquor – Head Space Station | Intoxicated

Head Space Station is a psychedelic music project by Portland-based indie artist Max. Today, we’re listening to his latest release – “Liquor”, a neo-soul/rap track that’s unlike anything you’ve ever heard before. Featuring deep basses, intricate percussions and a top-notch production overall, this track showcases Head Space Station’s psychedelic/lo-fi sound excellently. Through his music, Ukrainian-American artist Max shares stories about his journeys, experiences, and expressions, focusing on looking within as that is where he finds truth.

“Liquor” is introduced with a ambient synth melody over a colourful chord progression that establishes the groove. Think neo-soul, but with a psychedelic twist. A deep-toned bass carries the overall flow of the track and accompanies Max’s verse as it progresses. It’s almost lazy, but really satisfying to hear him giving such a laid-back performance.

Two girls sitting on the curb drinking liquor / Two girls on the curb sitting drinking liquor / Feeling sicker and sicker

The lyrics follow in keeping with the tune’s title, with Max moving around words occasionally and expresses confusion and an overall high feeling. He captures a feeling of pleasant intoxication through simple lyricism and minimal production; a top-notch composition.

“…and I don’t smoke to get high, I smoke to medicate

At 1:52, Max sounds more relaxed and his tone changes significantly in the second verse. It seems he is freestyling here and references it in the lyrics – “freestyle is the way to be for me / it’s the way that I find sanity / freestyle is the way for me / improvisational nature”. Max maintains a conversational flow, making it more relatable for the listener. Through smooth transitions and innovative composition, Head Space Station offers something new with every bar. “Liquor” is one of his best releases so far, check it out here:

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