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John Leslie Hulcombe - Cosmic Echoes | Soulful 
John Leslie Hulcombe - Cosmic Echoes | Soulful 

John Leslie Hulcombe – Cosmic Echoes | Soulful 

John Leslie Hulcombe is a singer and songwriter known for his psychedelic and soulful tracks. The stunning musicality that his songs represent is something quite rare and magical. 

Hulcombe recently released a song called Cosmic Echoes, which is exactly what the name represents. It is a mix of various beautiful soundscapes that will put your mind to ease almost instantly. With iconic instrumentality and an otherworldly sense of calm and zen, Cosmic Echoes feels surreal on the first listen itself.  The song is instrumental yet in a very simple manner, it exudes its brilliance. When you listen to the track for the first time, you would be able to tell how and in what sense the song feels unique. For me, it definitely was the way the sounds unravelled. Slowly the sounds progress and form a mellifluous affair that is simply too good to be ignored. You would want to listen to the song again and again to experience this delight and every time it keeps getting better. 

You can imagine yourself listening to this song while climbing a mountain ‘cause that’s what struck me while I was listening to it. It progresses in a beautiful way and perfectly compliments the mood and vibe of the mountainous terrain. Moreover, as the sounds represent the essence of the cosmos, it perfectly compliments the earthy vibe and undertones like that of nature, greenery and the warmth of the sun. 

Cosmic Echoes is something you should listen to for yourself. Because it will elevate your spirits like nothing else!

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