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Holly Wild - Messy
Holly Wild - Messy

Holly Wild – Messy | A Hearty Message

Holly Wild is an Australian pop singer-songwriter, composing sunny and carefree music that tell personal and intimate stories. With her latest single, Messy, Holly Wild brings out the beauty of being vulnerable and opening yourself up to what the world has to offer.

Using modern synth melodies and slow beats in the verses, the song blossoms to an upbeat chorus. The transition carries a soft and emotional vocals embedded in echoing synths. The artist employs a progressive layering with the song. By attaching small details, harmonies, synth layers, and melody lines, Wild showcases new emotions with each part of the song.

With conversational lyrics, the artist manages to instantly establishes a connection with the listeners. Her voice has an intrinsic calming quality that coats the song and makes the message more powerful. Born of several years of introspection and unending empathy, the artist bares herself, her wounds, stories and her heart with every verse, beat and harmony.

The artist’s brand of personal growth, spiritual wisdom and deep empathy oozes out of the song like dollops of honey topaz. The artist aims to carve out safe spaces that inspires people to be free and best versions of themselves. Her melody blends, reassuring harmonies and liberating lyrics have a way of exposing the goodness that is seemingly hidden around and in us.

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Holly Wild – Messy

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