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Sharl - City Lights
Sharl - City Lights

Sharl – I Fell In Love | Rebirth

Sharl is an up-and-coming Singer-Songwriter based in Melbourne, Australia. With an ambitious attitude and the talent to back it up, she creates tunes that speak freely and openly. Previously signed to a United Kingdom-based indie record label, she has since broken free to release music independently. Sharl is building her audience once again with infectious music that speaks to the soul. She released her latest album, City Lights, born out of months of reflection during Melbourne’s many lockdowns.

The premiere track on City Lights is I Fell In Love. This track sort of epitomises Sharl’s journey back to creating music. The song talks about the regret of falling in love with the wrong guy. However, the new journey is more genuine and authentic. Her beats are infectious, catchy and keep you engaged. The song comes with a music video that is equally as great as the track itself. You can check it out here.

Moreover, Sharl really crafts a story with her words that keeps you invested to find the end. Her entire album is filled with tracks similar to this that, honestly, need to be appreciated more. Her musical ability and tactility are a class apart from most independent artists. While her music varies in style, she manages to stay true to herself. Especially with her voice, which is so easy on the ears.

Sharl is a musician who is ready to take over the Pop industry with her brilliant melodies and smooth rhythms. Be sure to give her a follow on her socials to stay updated, and check out the rest of her latest album, City Lights ( https://found.ee/Sharl_CityLights ). You won’t regret it at all.

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