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Mot & Krid – Yesterday I Cried | Energetic
Mot & Krid – Yesterday I Cried | Energetic

Mot & Krid – Yesterday I Cried | Energetic

Mot & Krid is an ardent independent songwriter, producer, and remixer from Kühlungsborn, Germany. His work has been acclaimed by many radios Kiss FM/UK, SiriusXM/BPM, Pandora, and many others. His songs have also been featured in shows like Pretty Little Liars, The Vampire Diaries, and CSI New York. Mot & Krid has also worked on Katy Perry’s single “Waking Up in Vegas”.

Mot & Krid has released several singles, an EP, and four full-length albums that contain remixes. He is back with yet another masterpiece called “Yesterday I Cried” in collaboration with Sean Wiggins, who is an established indie folk/country singer and songwriter. 

“Yesterday I Cried” is an exceptional song that blends two different genres together and now talks about the song in detail. The song starts with a lead on a synth and in a rising pattern that creates intensity and thrill. A subtle reverse cymbal sound effect lets vocals of Sean slide in. Her voice is so subtle and energetic, and the melody strikes out really well with some techno elements on synth. After the drop, in the chorus, the song lifts up with layers of vocal, percussion, synths, piano, and a powerful performance by Sean. The bridge has a very abrupt and sudden entry with a chorus of vocals and pads, it has an interesting approach. 

Mot & Krid has done immense work on the production of the song. The quality of the production is top-notch and so overwhelming, as every little detail and all instruments fit just right. Mot & Krid is a genius and Sean Wiggins has done phenomenal work as well. It is highly recommended to listen to the song. 

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