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Jacob Rountree - Definitions | Deep and Profound
Jacob Rountree - Definitions | Deep and Profound

Jacob Rountree – Definitions | Deep and Profound 

Jacob Rountree is a singer, songwriter, and producer who is known for his profoundly inquisitive music that comes with many beautiful and intricate layers that are woven together for you to explore and derive joy from. Unlike many other artists who follow a conventional path, Jacob Rountree has never shied away from experimenting with his music. The great thing about his music is that it feels joyful but at the same time is unique and explorable. You would want to go deep into its bliss and pick up gems that please your heart the most, ‘cause Rountree has a whole treasure to present!

Jacob Rountree recently released a song called Definitions, which is everything you want to hear this week. With profound elements of serenity and mystery, Definitions makes for an enjoyable track. It has a deeply soothing vibe that instantly makes you at peace and uplifts your spirits like no other. The exquisite musical details feel otherworldly but together form such beautiful soundscapes that your heart is filled with nothing but pure joy. 

Listening to Definitions is like stepping into a forest and being surrounded by nature and its wildness of it. It frees you from your baggage and makes you feel a sense of joy that can be found nowhere else. Definitions has beautiful lyrics sung in a beautiful manner that add to the bliss of this song an extra notch. A must-listen indeed!

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