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Liz Dexic- Concede
Liz Dexic- Concede
Liz Dexic- Concede

Liz Dexic- Concede | Abolish Mediocrity

Liz Dexic have always been ones to paint pretty pictures. They might not be the ones you always hope, they’re rooted in reality. Active since 2020, they’ve been responsible for some quality indie alt-rock tracks. This is their fourth single in, and it’s a rock banger called Concede.

Striking a beguiling balance between assault and melodic withdrawal is key in some sub-genres of rock. Liz Dexic seem to have perfected this before obliterating their studio on their first single, Face of the World, in 2020. Similarly, there are moments where the song builds to a crescendo of guitars and rhythmic excellence, before crashing into addictive riff lines and melodic vocal attacks. To use an uncommon chord progression and create something so enchanting out of it takes skill and patience. You reap the rewards when they publish the results.

It’s Over, Simulation has been one of their more popular tracks. Their energetic premises and Muse-like Orwellian themes of character make them interesting creators of charisma. The vocals have been standout in Concede as well, the chorus something that precedes a doom scenario. This is the track that you introduce your friends to Liz Dexic with.

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