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Centershift - Of...
Centershift - Of...

Centershift – Of… | Nostalgic

Centershift is a band that keeps testing and pushing its boundaries. Based in the United States, the band has played with major names in the industry from System of a Down to Incubus. The music follows an eclectic approach that always evolves and their latest EP is no exception. Of… is an excellent display of how the band has grown and changed with time and age. With 6 thrilling tracks on a 20-minute run-time, strap yourselves in for quite the ride.

The EP begins on And So, a track that keeps the heavy, driving tones from the 90s scene. However, the band maintains their Progressive Post Grunge almost Screamo image with the heavy tones and well-worked interconnected melodies. Moreover, the band keeps their track uptempo and so dynamic which takes me back to my SoaD phase. From Where We Are is a track that really keeps you headbanging along to it. The expressionistic characteristics provide the listener with a full sound to get completely lost in. It’s immersive; keeping you interested at any given point.

Falling Into has an edgier, sharper tone that emphasizes more on the grit. However, the vocals sound a lot more rounded, providing a brilliant contrast that dichotomises the Centershift sound. I’m in awe of how great these lads are. The dynamic shifts create these amazing pockets in the song that don’t necessarily deviate from the original tone. Additionally, the dynamics do enough to give you a break, without losing the essence of the tracks. In Arise, Centershift does this so well with how they progressively shift between dark tones and light tones from verse to chorus. The chorus/refrain takes on these darker tones giving you relief in the light post-chorus interludes.

Tracks like Everything and Nothing remind me of bands like The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus and Chevelle with the driving tones. I must say, though, that Centershift really creates its own vibe with that familiar Post-Grunge sound that comforts you. Everything and Nothing is the perfect penultimate track on this EP. It deviates from the main theme a little, but it still showcases the originality of Centershift. The guitars, alone, have so many voicings and tones that you could get lost in trying to break it down.

However, What If, is my personal favourite track on this EP. It is, easily, the truest form of Post-Grunge on the EP. It maintains those raw, heavy tones while also taking on the higher, lighter tones that add these streaks of light. The guitars that sound like they’re on a loop keep you fixed to the track while the drums breathe life into you. However, the vocals on this track really do it for me. The sheer range that Jasan Radford exhibits is insane. His ability to soften his voice to increase the intensity and power in a matter of seconds is admirable to say the very least.

It’s hard to find artists who embody a genre, and Centershift does this perfectly. With a lot of music to listen to, you can check more of their discography on their streaming platforms.

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