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A Tree On A Hill-Blue Dahlia
A Tree On A Hill-Blue Dahlia
A Tree On A Hill-Blue Dahlia

A Tree On A Hill-Blue Dahlia | Rebirth

A Tree On A Hill is a project that takes a long, hard look at nature. The resultant music is, a reflection or extension of the biosphere itself. With a lot of musings and crafted experiences since 2021, the latest single is an effort in the personification of flora. This is Blue Dahlia.

The previous two releases were Purple Hydrangea and Red Salvia. This particular single is a cinematic meditation. Using minimal themes and sounds, the lead alternates between the synth and strings. Like the blooming of this unique, beautiful flower-this single never breaks the flow for a second. The progression is a constant charismatic climb, making for small pockets of creative leads. The strings take over in the most part, whereas ingenious phasing keeps the track alive and beating, like the heart of the forest.

A Tree On A Hill have hiked quite the trail when it comes to producing and composing. The EPs in 2021 are called Lying Under Trees and Mellow Waves. Trying their very best to objectively look at the behaviour and formulaic sorcery of nature, the songs are no less than wonders in composition. Moments of imbibing nature itself come into picture, and they paint this portrait like a maestro.

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