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POLYDRIVE – Have to Make this Call |Deep
POLYDRIVE – Have to Make this Call |Deep

POLYDRIVE – Have to Make this Call | Deep 

POLYDRIVE is an exceptional musical duo of two brothers Cole and Cam. Their journey started too early as when they were little kids and started writing songs. Based in Tulsa, the two brothers are originally from Boston. Since childhood, they were in the pop and alt-rock scene, and their music has evolved into sweet bedroom pop. They write and produce all of their songs in their home studio and also do mixing and mastering for other small bands. 

POLYDRIVE have released several singles and have worked with several known artists like Tobias Dray on a song called “We’ll Be Beautiful”. They are back with yet another masterpiece called “Have to Make this Call”, a song for everyone’s 3 am playlist. 

Talking about the song in detail. It starts with a major lo-fi feel, a sampled voice turned into a sweet but eerie sounding pad. Soon the vocals kick in with an acoustic guitar and make the song alive. With a strong and beautiful melody, the song sounds so rich and shows the mastery of POLYDRIVE. The bass kicks in the pre-chorus, and after the drop, everything comes together the deep layered, and harmonized vocals are a chef’s kiss and the huge pop feel of the instruments is amazing. The song even has a guitar solo that just comes out of nowhere. 

Apart from the musical aspect, the song has some beautiful lyrics as well 

“And the day I couldn’t smell you 

On my clothes 

Was the day I finally fell on the floor” 

PLOYDRIVE wrote “Have to Make this Call” about four years ago even before their existence as a band. It is a mind-blowing song that takes the listener on a deep emotional ride. 

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