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Patryk Kania – All My Kisses Flow Like Water | Magical

Patryk Kania is a Polish-born musician who has made a name for himself in the UK music scene. Born and raised in a remote area of Poland, Patryk has always been drawn to music. This passion led him to the UK, where he started a family and began studying music production. This allowed him to take the melodies and lyrics he came up with in his head and turn them into recordings that he could share with the world on SoundCloud. Thanks to his unique sound and ability to connect with his listeners, Patryk has quickly become one of the most exciting new artists to watch out for.

He has released a new single, “All My Kisses Flow Like Water.” It starts with some relaxing synths and mystical vocals kicking in. The music gradually builds up with more layers and yet maintains the same pace, which makes the song even more magical. The climax is just as beautiful as the start, and it’s definitely a song that’ll stay with you long after you’ve heard it. The way the vocals flow over the synth line is just gorgeous, and the way the bassline and synths come together to compliment the vocals is perfect.  The hook line towards the end is so catchy that you’ll find yourself singing along with the lyrics “All my kisses flow like water unexpectedly” and “All my kisses taste like water so refreshingly.” The lyrics are beautiful and simple, and the song has a lovely, wistful feeling to it. The simple yet poetic lyrics are easy to follow and add to the song’s calming effect. This beautifully written and performed tune will transport you to a peaceful, rainy day scene. I highly recommend giving it a listen on headphones so you can appreciate all the tiny details in the production. It’s the perfect song to curl up with a cup of tea and a cozy blanket.

Enjoy listening to All My Kisses Flow Like Water here.

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