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Sleeping Together-Summer Girl
Sleeping Together-Summer Girl
Sleeping Together-Summer Girl

Sleeping Together-Summer Girl | Beat the summer blues

Sleeping Together have some exciting sounds to share. What seems to be a blend of joy and general mirth, their vibe is distinct from other indie bands. With nuanced layering and captivating lyrics, they are debuting a new single. It is called Summer Girl, and it releases on the 27th of this month.

This single is an instant feel-good track for the season. With jangling chords and a major scale dominated progression, the track amplifies to a funnel of euphoric lyrics and transitions. The single has a couple of highlights across the board, it has the magic of drawing you in like Laurel Canyon folk blend. In no measure does it get drowsy or slow, there’s a constant rhythm maintained, creating a classy moment with this band. For an opening act and their first public appearance, they seem to have curated this image very well.

The breakdown is characteristically written, to bring you down from this dopamine overdose you might have. The guitar tones are great, vocals have been perfected before recording. Sleeping Together might never need PR, this track will shoot up straight up the indie charts.

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