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Development & Compromise by Chase Tremaine
Development & Compromise by Chase Tremaine

Chase Tremaine – Work Together |

Alternative rock artist Chase Tremaine provides us a stunner with Work Together from his last album Development & Compromise. The music of Chase Tremaine lies in the spectrum between emo and post-hardcore with the right dosage of pop harmonies and melodies. While being a native of Dallas, Texas, Chase is based in the musical mecca of Nashville, Tennessee.

Work Together begins with a fiery grunge riff and stunning vocal harmonies which complement the main melody line aptly. The guitar rhythm during the verses supports the tempo of the song. Choral dual vocal harmonies which are integral to the chorus, fit perfectly with the drums and riffs. In the end, we get an addictive fresh alternative rock track. The fabulous production by Sean Power of the Hilson Studio, ensures that every element is discernable while the song works as a beautiful aural canvass. An appropriate mixture of acoustic and distorted guitars locking into the bass and drum groove, with the right topping of harmonies, seals the deal.

Chase Tremaine sounds like a great blend of John Mayer and Jeff Buckley, both musically and vocally speaking. That is the right amount of musical interesting innovation while rooted in the most important sonic ingredients which are the tightness of the groove, melodies, and harmonies. The main guitar riffs are reminiscent of The Smashing Pumpkins. Chase Tremaine’s stunning knack for creating compelling songs with the right arrangement seals his musical artistry. Work Together by Chase Tremaine is a tight alternative rock song with a fresh approach and an irresistible groove.

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