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Tdotstudios – AFUA | Chill Bliss

Tdotostudios is a project by Theo Davis who is a UK-based medical doctor by day and Silver-Award winning music producer by night. His works dig deep into consciousness through heart touching melodies and breath-taking beats. He scored his first UK Top 30 single as a producer with Azonto by Fuse ODG, which has achieved over 70 million views on YouTube alone. Todotstudios wants to bring about a wave of Afro-Lofi sounds which will soon take over the contemporary music scene. He has produced for Nigerian-British artist IsaacO, amassing over 1,000,000 streams on Spotify.

“Todotstudios immerses the listeners in a deep trip through mesmerizing music.”

I recently came across one of Todotstuudios’ debut track on spotify which is released independently called ‘AFUA’ which is a proper reggae bliss which is beautifully blended into a Lo-fi track. The innovative hi-hats take this beat a step ahead of the contemporary beats. The deep sense of Theo’s musicality is beautifully portrayed in the track. The ambient musical elements elevates your soul while the bouncy melodies compel the listener to groove hard.

We had a chance to have a little chat with Theo, this is how it went.-

Question- AFUA seems an exciting word. What does that mean?

Answer-“The new single is called AFUA. The reason for the name is that it is a female Ghanaian name meaning “born on Friday”.”

Question- What were your inspirations while structuring AFUA?

Answer-“Being of Ghanaian descent, there was a longing to shine a spotlight on his own personal heritage and the African Diaspora. I wanted to create a lyricless sound which encapsulated the beauty of women from the African Diaspora.”

Question- The way you portray feelings through music is exquisite, what drives your fire?

Answer-“Quite a few people inspire me to make music:

Family and friends are super important to me. 

My cousin Nathan helped to pique my interest in music and music production when I was about 13. He had rapped as part of a mixtape his cousin made called Breezy’s Mixtape. Listening to that mixtape inspired me to think about making my own music and it is amazing to see the journey I have been on so far. 

An eclectic mix of music was always playing in the family home – from Gospel, Funk, Soul to Motown. 

My faith in Jesus is really integral to why I make music. I regularly serve in my church by playing the keys (piano) as part of my church band.”

Question- When was the first time you realized that you had a musical gift and started polishing your skills?

Answer-“As said above, music was around in the family household. I knew I loved music because I would drum along to songs on the radio in the car. I had piano lessons from age 5 but I started taking music seriously from age 13.”

Question-How has your musical journey been? what motivates and demotivates you the most?

Answer-“It has been fun. As with every journey there have been ups and downs. However all of these experiences are important to my growth as a musician, artist and producer. Grateful for the journey so far. The drive to be successful in music is definitely a motivator. Something that demotivates me can be how brutal the music industry in terms of the things that people will do for money.”

Question- What was your thought process while composing ‘AFUA’?

Answer-“Lofi music is usually associated with music of hiphop origin. However, I wanted to take elements of those productions and soundtrack them to chilled Afrobeat rhythms to help create a different sort of vibe. Making the track was really fun. It was made in my home studio and essentially I used my laptop, a midi keyboard and a pair of headphones. I did not necessarily go into the creation of the song saying I wanted the track to sound like the end result. However, through a series of different creative decisions and experimentation, the track came about. I am definitely happy with the end result.”

Listen to AFUA by Todotstudios-

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