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Shab - Serenity | Luscious
Shab - Serenity | Luscious

Shab – Serenity | Luscious

Shab is a Persian American crossover artist who is known for her unique music which is a fine blend of pop and dance rhythms. With an intense and appealing career, Shab has come a long way and has garnered so much love for her musical abilities.

Shab keeps surprising her listeners and freshness and variety are something you will always find in her songs. But moreover, she does it in such a way that makes you admire her talent even more. This time again she has startled her fans with the release of her brand new single called Serenity. 

Serenity is a heartfelt song that is alluring for the listener from the very beginning. The song begins in a smooth manner sweeping off all the confusion in your head and swapping it with bliss and pure bliss. Shab has brought together various musical elements and has blended them together in such a profound manner that nothing in the song feels saturated. Yet ears for good music would always be able to tell that it is these rich layers of soundscapes and musical profoundness that have been fused together in a commendable way to curate something which is as intricate and stunning as Serenity is. 

It is a song of love, about love and for love. It beautifully explores the feelings and comfort of loving and being loved in a great way. The excellent vocals of Shab add even more beauty to the track and definitely add to the smoothness, richness, and lusciousness of the track. 

I’d say it’s a must listen and it’s definitely a song that you can get hooked t if you are into mellow, soft, and sublime tracks. 

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