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Odonian Drifts – Room 235
Odonian Drifts – Room 235

Odonian Drifts – Room 235 | Depths of Thought

Room 235 is the latest single release by UK act Odonian Drifts, the solo project of musician, scholar, and poet I.S. Rowley. Based in Nottingham, he’s also part of post punkish group Spirits in the Pillar. Terming himself a pseudo-Spinozist, Rowley endows deep philosophical meaning to his work owing to his almost renaissance man background.

Room 235 begins with mesmerizing synths with grainy rain sounds. The volume keeps swelling creating anticipation. Rowley’s hypnotic baritone vocals sweep in cementing the mysterious aura. There is no percussions in the song with the synth work weaved by Rowling forming the dense but elegant sonic canvas. An enigmatic tale is what Odonian Drifts manages to sculpt.

Low end of the music swells dull wave tones, as the more significant levels wind through like the delicate light of trust. An unquestionably rich sound that has untold profundities hanging tight for you to make a plunge, with sparkling tones that offer delicate timbres. Through all of this, the broad energy connects with a marginally hazy inclination that adds to the general symbolism of the sound.

There is an undulation that makes you consider a dull lake that waves in the twilight, coaxing you into the depths, but not uncovering what lies underneath. It is a wonderful dim wave wash that gets you in its current, not that you need to be elsewhere. The song has some stunning production and arrangement work. It creates an eerie atmosphere while spinning an aura of futility. Odonian Drifts with Room 235 creates a sense of austere dazzling spectacle with impending doom and creep.

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