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The Daylight-Hidden Love
The Daylight-Hidden Love
The Daylight-Hidden Love

The Daylight-Hidden Love | In the blood

The Daylight are back after 2 years with their latest track, Hidden Love. With their tours and performances receiving rave reviews on various platforms, their songs are a fresh, clear-cut look at a simplistic, effective songwriting style. After their tracks Ghosts and Department of Dreams, they dominate your psyche with this thought-provoking masterpiece.

Hidden Love uses a background and foreground as an experimentation playing field. Now, most songs do this-but their performance style is nuanced enough to understand the layers. The melody is a buoy over the simple beat, something you can catch the groove of with ease. The poetic lyrics guide with them the piano and guitar instrumentals. The chorus is the real gem here, with rising progressions making it a richly detailed experience. Like Thom Yorke’s side project, The Smile, the band here provides a listening experience that feels like ripped pages of a journal. We are the lucky society that gets to read it.

The verse section tries to spice up the experience, instead of overly peppering it with unnecessary effects. It is a heartfelt track, with deeply personal moments entrenched within the overall rhetoric. Closing out, the core hook rings around to play that bassline you recognize one more time. The Daylight put in effort for their poetic inferences on myriad life experiences, and there is a viable connect one feels with the components of the song. Explore Hidden Love here:

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