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Jane N' The Jungle – METAL GHOST
Jane N' The Jungle – METAL GHOST

Jane N’ The Jungle – METAL GHOST | Fiery Rock Soul

Prominent Pheonix, Arizonian alternative rock band Jane N’ The Jungle has a fiery rock n roll song with METAL GHOST. The song arose as a tribute in memory to the late former Slipknot drummer and co-founder Joey Jordison. The band consists of vocalist spectacular Jordan “Jane” White, guitarist Brian Dellis, and bassist Big B. METAL GHOST has the stylistic template of 80s rock and metal like Judas Priest and Iron Maiden.

METAL GHOST is a hard and weighty yet receptive tune. It has a blend of gritty heavy metal giving it a flavor that would speak to an extensive variety of crowds. The lyrics deal with the universal ethos and spirit of rock and metal. The riffs are strong and towering with a noteworthy notch and flawless vocals and performances. Massive guitar riffs and the tight drums and bass create a dazzling hard rock song which get you headbanging. Jane N’ The Jungle has a style that is reminiscent of acts like Ghost and Velvet Revolver.

As the song has you totally snared to the single, vocals that twist around the fiery spirit of rock are coupled with powerful hooks and grooves in the rock tradition. Jane’s blazing vocals are the prime piece of this fiery track. Jane N’ The Jungle features a great lyric video soaked in black, red, and efflorescent shades and metal skulls and feel. METAL GHOST is a spirited ode to Rock n Roll and its aesthetic, feel, and soul. It calls to the metal soul inside all of us waiting to be set free.

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