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Destiny Hooks – There In The Doorway | Moving

Destiny Hooks is an Alabama-born singer-songwriter who specializes in pop music and has always been interested in music. She picked up the piano and guitar at a young age. Destiny’s music is heavily influenced by her father’s taste in music. She cites him as a major influence in her life, and credits him with helping her develop her love for music.

Hooks and Seth Teph collaborated on the single “Love Me Back” (2020). She recently received a bachelor’s degree in commercial songwriting and a minor in psychology from Middle Tennessee State University. Hooks and Seth Teph collaborated on the single “Love Me Back” (2020).

Now she has recently released a new single, “ There In The Doorway.” It is a beautiful and haunting song about grief and loss. The song starts with warm guitar chords and her beautiful vocals, which are raw yet commanding. The song’s gentle, minimalist production provides the perfect backdrop for the soaring vocals, making it feel like you’re riding your bike through a field of tall grass with the clear blue sky above you. Although the music gives you such happy vibes, the lyrics are about how she cannot move on after her partner’s death and you can feel the melancholy in her voice. She has done a great job of capturing the complex emotions we feel when we lose someone we love. This juxtaposition is really interesting to me, and I think it’s what makes the song so special. This song will definitely resonate with anyone who has ever lost someone they loved. Destiny’s gorgeous voice and lyrical honesty make for a truly moving experience.

Enjoy listening to There In The Doorway here.

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